Xavier Roberts is a fraud

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Have you ever regretted having someone's name tattooed on your butt? Or any other part of your body, for that matter? The Cabbage Patch Kids feel your pain.

Behind those adorable chubby cheeks, yarn hair, and plush bodies is an ugly controversy that is the subject of a mini-documentary.

In 1978, Xavier Roberts created soft-sculpture dolls and called them the Little People. In 1982, Roberts licensed smaller versions to the toy company Coleco. Thus began the Cabbage Patch Kids (CPK) brand that led to one of the biggest crazes of the 1980s. Demand for these dolls was so high that…


You put your pawprints on many Americans’ hearts

Source: White House and WH photographer Adam Schultz

I was in a public place when I saw this heartbreaking news today, and it was difficult to hold back the tears. As soon as I got home, I unleashed the waterworks. Because I know this pain. I have experienced this grief and heartache several times, and I dread the goodbyes to come that will shatter my heart yet again.

Yet I know that every furry angel I’ve loved has exchanged pieces of their hearts and souls for pieces of mine, and someday we all will be whole again. The fur-ever bonds are unbreakable. …

Some lesser-known tales from the most widespread conflict in history

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There are countless stories to tell from the six years of the Second World War. Major events like the evacuation at Dunkirk, the London Blitz, the attack on Pearl Harbor, the D-Day invasion, and the Battle of the Bulge are common knowledge, but other consequential tales have flown under the radar.

Operation Gunnerside

In the early 1930s, chemist Leif Tronstad helped build the Vemork heavy-water plant in Norway that attracted Nazi interest in 1938 when they discovered the value of heavy water in their race against the Allies to develop an atomic bomb. …

Be better than before

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Note to self: You have survived a global pandemic.

Consider this a new beginning. There are no excuses — none — for not making your life better than ever. It’s all up to you. You are the only one standing in your way. You have the intelligence, talent, and confidence to make your dreams a reality. You can be among the best. There is a seat at the table for you. Walk up and take it.

Your thoughts and words have a lot of value. Use your voice. People do want to hear what you have to say. …


How you and your furry companions can adjust to a post-pandemic life

Photo source: Community Health Magazine

One of the good things that have happened in the past year is the trend of “pandemic pets”. Lockdowns led many people to seek furry companions to warm their laps as they watched everything on Netflix and Disney+ twice.

Like many animal shelters, Moms and Mutts Colorado Rescue (MAMCO) “couldn’t rescue enough dogs to meet the demand,” says executive director Aron Jones.

Now, unfortunately, shelters are reporting high rates of returns. Owner surrenders are up 82.6% compared to 2020, according to Best Friends Animal Society. A large number were first-time pet owners. Since the last week of February, MAMCO has…


Our feline fur-iends have served, too!

Able Seacat Simon, Catington Post

Simon began his naval career in 1948 on the Royal Navy’s HMS Amethyst. An excellent mouser who liked to leave unwanted purr-esents on sailors’ bunks, the crew adored him for his antics and for boosting morale, and he was twice recognized for his distinguished service. After a purr-ticularly grueling incident with Chinese forces, he was awarded an Amethyst campaign ribbon. After being wounded in a battle on the Yangtze River, he became the only cat to ever receive the PDSA Dickin Medal for animal gallantry.

Simon disappeared for eight days after the Yangtze battle, and when he crawled back, badly…


Toilets have their place in television’s Hall of Fame.

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In recent years, it hasn’t been the slightest bit unusual to see TV characters in bathrooms, whether they’re at home or work or in a public place. Shows like The Big Bang Theory and New Girl have even been praised for their use of bathrooms in humor, plot, character development, and interaction, etc. There’s no shock factor in hearing Leonard’s mother announce that she has to urinate in TBBT, or in seeing Molly in Mike and Molly passed out asleep in a ladies-room stall.

Many extraordinary women were recruited by wartime intelligence agencies.

Army poster, 1944, National Museum of American History. Source: National Museum of American History

Women served in various roles at home and abroad during the Second World War (WWII). Some built warplanes, played baseball, or volunteered for organizations like the Red Cross. Others served as military nurses or in newly established women's military branches. Several women chose to serve in top intelligence agencies.

Here are a few brief stories of these incredible ladies.

Barbara Lauwers

There is no unity with those who continue to subvert democracy and the rule of law.

This is for everyone who lives in states with Republican senators. Please flood them with letters demanding that they vote to convict Donald Trump. Feel free to use the one below. Trump must face the consequences of his high crimes and treason through every legal means available!

Dear Senator _________:

Your country needs you.

The American people need you to uphold your oath to protect the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the U.S. He must be prosecuted fully for the abuses of power and high crimes we all…

Nothing short of real consequences will stop them.

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Blaming the victim for dividing the family unit is a common tactic of abusers.

Jennifer Lee

"They said, 'Don't try to change the world, you're just a girl.'" Unapologetically for all that is right and just. "Here, right matters." - Lt. Col. Vindman

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